For quite a long time I couldn’t really articulate why I felt so frustrated watching Wallace and Gromit. As a young child, I would occasionally watch it on TV: a story about a quirky, green-pullover wearing inventor, and his highly-intelligent dog. A magnificent-looking clay animation produced by Aardman Animations, it definitely was an exciting thing to watch, especially at a time when 3D animations weren’t really a thing yet.

Being young and easily entertained, I would often chuckle and laugh at the slapstick comedy, usually accompanying Wallace’s failed inventions and his general clumsiness. But for some reason, as the story…

Now, a headline like this might get a lot of eyes rolling and tech libertarians might use it to argue that “socialists have gone mad”. It is also not a new concept, and several arguments — some of them in jest — have been put forward to defend the idea of “nationalising Facebook”. However, I’d like to discuss some of them in a completely serious fashion, looking at the labour, profit and decision making aspects of social networks, and show why we need to demand a social network that belongs to the people, for the people.

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Jen gets woken up…

Maciej Baron

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